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The Amatsu Concept of Health

There is a distinct cultural difference between the Eastern and Western view and values of health and health care. To practice Amatsu it is important to understand the basics of how Asians view health and institutional health care. The point where illness is defined is substantially different. In the West, people tend to define illness through the diagnosis of a Western doctor/physician. A primary value in Asian culture is that good health and longevity are valued as the most important part of life, with prevention of disease at the foundation of it. In the East, treatment takes place much earlier in the health care process, with East Asian medical providers looking towards prevention and early diagnosis as the measure of illness. Once noticeable symptoms appear, the illness is viewed as very advanced in Asian medicine. The objective of East Asian medicine is to try to diagnose in the early stages before symptoms appear. Treatment is much easier and recovery is quicker. As well, early detection prevents the spreading of illness.


Amatsu Revealed

For thousands of years human beings have entertained the idea of extending their lives well beyond the norm.  Why do some people become ill, while others do not? Perhaps the answer is that the healthy person, either by choice or by chance, is living a correct life style leading to a healthy immune response, bio-physical state of health and mental capacity.

Through Amatsu Therapy, multiple groups of disharmonies [daily health issues] can be categorized and dealt with on an individual basis, returning health care back to a personalized event.  There is only one of you.

An Amatsu therapy doctor specializes in looking for the “Why”… not what. The What can be defined as the huge range of medical diseases named by allopathic medicine. For example: migraine headaches, PMS, Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and so on… It is easy to name a disease, but where does it come from? And why are you experiencing it and not the next person?

Why do certain people have certain complaints and not others? Amatsu therapy  looks for patterns or a root cause that must be addressed. Dr. Perez is able to recognize the internal problem by the outer manifestations and categorize it into logical causes by implementing the Five Elemental, Eight Parameters and Four Diagnostic methods. Headaches, for example, are broken down into a subcategory looking at its nature, timing, location and intensity. It can come from a weakened digestion or a non-regulating, stagnation in the Liver Organ System. Both Patterns are completely different, but possibly related.  The patterns are as unique as the person experiencing them.

Amatsu is based just as much on prevention as it is on being a highly effective long-term healing system assisting chronic health issues that afflict so many people.  Amatsu therapy has the ability to promote and maintain a standard of health which comes from your own ability to regulate and ward-off disease factors. Each of us is a microcosmic unit of elements, emotions and spirit. By helping you to balance and harmonize these three aspects, robust health and wellness can be attained. Herbal Formulas can be  utilized indefinitely because they are just that, herbs, found growing naturally on the earth, natures healing gift to all. Here at Amatsu Clinic we always start with a clean slate to give the body time to rebalance from the effects of long term over the counter drugs and prescriptions.  This always starts with a comprehensive detox that we guide you through.

Disease prevention is becoming a more accepted and viable way of thought, and for  sustained health and longevity. Today for most westerners, disease prevention is still quite a hard concept to comprehend. Convincing the average person to take preventive health measures years before possibly becoming ill with a serious disease is not an easy task

For thousands of years the Oriental Physicians believed and focused on taking measures to ward off disease by keeping a patient’s organ systems harmonized, balanced and strong. They would only accept money while the patient was healthy. If the patient became ill, no money was accepted. The Oriental Medicine Physician would then work very hard to restore the patient’s health. Sadly this concept was  reversed in the rest of the world with endless amounts of money spent on health insurance waiting for the diagnosis of a serious illness.

Dr. Perez knows that if all of the Five Organ Systems are working harmoniously, disease will not be able to penetrate. All of the modalities used by Dr. Perez at the clinic on a regular basis is an excellent way to help regulate, maintain and promote the organ and meridian system networks and create a powerful resistance factor. There is so much yet to be learned in the west about this ancient healing modality.  We should all try to follow this ancient healing method of prevention and use Amatsu Therapy as a new standard for health and longevity.

Amatsu Services

Corrective Therapy

A groundbreaking form of clinical bodywork designed activate the healing response of the body, through deep tissue manipulation of the physical structure as well as the energetic body.

Japanese Acupuncture

An ancient and incredibly effective modality of Classical Constitutional acupuncture is used to activate and speed up the bodies healing responses to injury and illness.

Herbal Medicine

Ancient formulas of Chinese herbs can be prescribed to rebalance and resolve internal organ and meridian imbalances caused by illness, stress and injury.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a safe, remedy for gently removing excess wax, parasites and fungus as well as other toxins from inside the ears. The entire process is relaxing and noninvasive.

Anti-Aging Therapy

This non-surgical face lift stimulates facial nerves and circulation which reach the skin cells to promote a healthy, vibrant and youthful appearance.

Re-hab Therapies

 Specifically designed for soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, strains, sprains and scar tissue from acute & past injuries or post operative surgeries and suture scars.

What Patients are Saying?

There are few people in this world that can touch a life so profoundly. You have a gift, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to know you. You have helped me and my family learn to live healthier lives. You are a fountain of knowledge and we look forward to continue our better way of life. Thank you.- J. Creig
I can certainly see, even in one visit, how you can transform lives. I thank you for your strength, your kindness and wisdom.- E. Ing
After seeing so many doctors and having all hope stripped away I am eternally grateful for all your help, strength and kindness during my battle with cancer. Because of you, I am here!!! I’ve got a second chance because of your gifts and talents. From the bottom of my heart thank you! Thank you! You are a gift.- T. Simone
After 1 year of experimental drugs for my MS, I still don’t understand how you were able to tell that I was missed diagnosed and more importantly how you brought hope and healing into my life. Words simply can’t express my gratitude. Because of you, I can now live out my mission without fear. Thank you for your gifts.- T.J. Johnson
A Godsend – that’s what you are!!! When my daughter and I met you at 2004 Whole Life Expo – I knew you would be able to help me and my family back unto the path of wellness. This is only my second visit –but you have certainly helped my husband and daughter. After only 6 days of cleansing I feel more energy than I’ve had in years. Thank you for sharing your gift. God bless you!!!- M. McGuire
When I first came to see you I had no idea what a mess my life really was. Two years later you’ve opened my eyes to what life is really about. If it weren’t for you the inner strength I feel at this time probably would of never happened. There are no words that can express how gratefull I am for all your help physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.- S.M.
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