What Is Amatsu Corrective Therapy?

Amatsu is a groundbreaking form of wholistic bodywork that incorporates elements of Japanese clinical massage, acupuncture, herbalism, diet, exercise, and lifestyle counseling to promote, and maintain optimum health and wellbeing. In Japanese, Anma means massage or massage therapist. Amatsu is the natural evolution and synthesis of Anma massage and Zen Shiatsu therapy. It refers to the oldest known form of traditional Asian massage. Using no oils, Amatsu involves stretching, kneading, manipulation and massaging to stimulate the body to become and/or remain healthy. Amatsu focuses on improving muscle condition and circulation of “Ki”, or Universal Life Energy. While Western massage techniques tend to focus on relaxing the client, the goals of Amatsu Therapy are to influence the internal organs, maintain balanced physical and psychological functioning of the body, reduce various ailments and help with realigning of the physical structure that may be needed. Amatsu’s foundation is the kneading technique, which combines with several different application techniques to construct the massage. The kneading technique (Ju Netsu Ho) and the percussion techniques (Ko Da Ho and Kyoku Te Ho) are a unique part of Amatsu and are not found in any other style of massage.

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• Improving blood flow and oxygen circulation to tired muscles and other soft tissue

• Stimulates the removal of toxins from tissues and organs

• Complete body realignment and adjustments

• Encourages body tone and co-ordination

• Maintains optimal internal organ function and the positioning of vital organs

• Improves the Stability and flexibility of the skeletal system

• Rebalances and de-stresses the cranial sacral system

• Strengthens the immune and nervous system

• Initiates the body’s natural healing system and speeds up recovery from acute and chronic illnesses and injuries.

• Maximizes and enhances peak performance for sporting disciplines

• Promotes a healthy mental, emotional and spiritual state in times of stress.

• Addresses E.I.I (Emotionally induced illness) effectively without western drugs and their side effects.