The Asian Concept of Health

There is a distinct cultural difference between the Eastern and Western view and values of health and health care. To practice Amatsu it is important to understand the basics of how Asians view health and institutional health care. The point where illness is defined is substantially different. In the West, people tend to define illness through the diagnosis of a Western doctor/physician. A primary value in Asian culture is that good health and longevity are valued as the most important part of life, with prevention of disease at the foundation of it. In the East, treatment takes place much earlier in the health care process, with East Asian medical providers looking towards prevention and early diagnosis as the measure of illness. Once noticeable symptoms appear, the illness is viewed as very advanced in Asian medicine. The objective of East Asian medicine is to try to diagnose in the early stages before symptoms appear. Treatment is much easier and recovery is quicker. As well, early detection prevents the spreading of illness.